Full Time Faculty

<a href='../community/faculty/b-y-quarshie'>Rev. Prof. B. Y. Quarshie</a>
Rev. Prof. B. Y. QuarshieRectorrector@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/p-t-laryea'>Rev. Prof. Philip T. Laryea</a>
Rev. Prof. Philip T. LaryeaDeputy Rector / Dean of Documentationptlaryea@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/g-m-bediako'>Prof. Gillian M. Bediako</a>
Prof. Gillian M. BediakoDirector CEPACSgmbediako@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/i-reneau-walls'>Dr. Ingrid Reneau Walls</a>
Dr. Ingrid Reneau WallsSenior Research Fellowirwalls@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/s-sule-saa'>Rev. Dr. Solomon Sule-Saa</a>
Rev. Dr. Solomon Sule-SaaSenior Research Fellow / Dean of Accredited Studiessssaa@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/j-k-walton'>Very Rev. Dr. James K. Walton</a>
Very Rev. Dr. James K. WaltonSenior Research Fellow / Quality Assurance Officer / Dean of Students / Chaplainjkwalton@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/j-mbillah'>Rev. Dr. Johnson Mbillah</a>
Rev. Dr. Johnson MbillahResearch Fellow / Dean of Continuing Education / Director CISEA jambillah@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/e-y-blasu'>Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Y. Blasu</a>
Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Y. BlasuResearch Felloweyblasu@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/r-k-gaisie'>Dr. Rudolf K. Gaisie</a>
Dr. Rudolf K. GaisieSenior Research Fellow / Director ICT & CESEACrkgaisie@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/j-d-settles'>Rev. Dr. Joshua D. Settles</a>
Rev. Dr. Joshua D. SettlesSenior Research Fellowjdsettles@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../academics/faculty/e-nyarko'>Rev Dr Ernest Nyarko</a>
Rev Dr Ernest NyarkoResearch Fellowenyarko@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../academics/faculty/m-s-Nortey'>Rev. Michael S. Nortey</a>
Rev. Michael S. NorteyResearch Fellowmsnortey@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/e-k-tettey'>Mr. Emmanuel K. Tettey</a>
Mr. Emmanuel K. TetteyResearch Fellowektettey@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/e-afrifa-anane'>Dr. Ernest Afrifa-Anane</a>
Dr. Ernest Afrifa-AnaneResearch Fellow eaanane@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/v-t-ngaina'>Rev. Dr. Vellah T Ngaina</a>
Rev. Dr. Vellah T Ngaina Research Fellowvtngaina@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/a-n-waigi'>Dr. Abraham Ng'ang'a Waigi</a>
Dr. Abraham Ng'ang'a Waigi Research Fellow (Contract)anwaigi@af.aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/f-b-adeleye'>Rev. Dr. Femi B. Adeleye</a>
Rev. Dr. Femi B. AdeleyeResearch Fellow (Contract)fbadeleye@af.aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/a-dwamena-aboagye'>Dr. Angela Dwamena-Aboagye</a>
Dr. Angela Dwamena-AboagyeResearch Fellow (Contract)adaboagye@af.aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/o-a-adjah'> Dr Olive Akpebu Adjah </a>
Dr Olive Akpebu Adjah Deputy Librarianoaadjah@aci.edu.gh

Adjunct Faculty

<a href='../community/faculty/e-afriyie'>Rev. Dr. Ernestina Afriyie</a>
Rev. Dr. Ernestina AfriyieAdjunct Lecturer eafriyie@aci.edu.gh
<a href='../community/faculty/k-a-laryea'>Ms. Korklu A Laryea</a>
Ms. Korklu A Laryea Adjunct Lecturerkalaryea@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/r-addo-fening'>Prof. Robert Addo-Fening</a> --> Prof. Robert Addo-Fening
Prof. Robert Addo-FeningAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/c-l-waigi'>Mrs. Claire Louise Waigi</a> --> Mrs. Claire Louise Waigi
Mrs. Claire Louise WaigiAdjunct Lecturerclwaigi@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/k-olabimtan'>Rev. Dr. Kehinde Olabimtan</a> --> Rev. Dr. Kehinde Olabimtan
Rev. Dr. Kehinde OlabimtanAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/j-azumah'>Prof. John Azumah</a> --> Prof. John Azumah
Prof. John AzumahProfessor
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/e-anim'>Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Anim</a> --> Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Anim
Apostle Dr. Emmanuel AnimAdjunct Lecturer
<a href='../community/faculty/p-c-settles'>Dr. Pauline C. Settles </a>
Dr. Pauline C. Settles Adjunct Lecturerpcsettles@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/f-n-dapila'>Dr. Fabian N. Dapila</a> -->Dr. Fabian N. Dapila
Dr. Fabian N. DapilaAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/a-o-balcomb'>Prof. Anthony O. Balcomb</a> --> Prof. Anthony O. Balcomb
Prof. Anthony O. BalcombAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/g-b-puplampu'>Rev. Gideon B. Puplampu</a> --> Rev. Gideon B. Puplampu
Rev. Gideon B. PuplampuAdjunct Lecturergbpuplampu@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/g-ossom-batsa'>Dr. George Ossom-Batsa</a> --> Dr. George Ossom-Batsa
Dr. George Ossom-BatsaAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/t-oduro'>Prof. Thomas Oduro</a> --> Prof. Thomas Oduro
Prof. Thomas OduroAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/r-aboagye-mensah'>Most Rev. Dr. Robert Aboagye-Mensah</a> --> Most Rev. Dr. Robert Aboagye-Mensah
Most Rev. Dr. Robert Aboagye-MensahAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/w-omulokoli'>Prof. Watson Omulokoli</a> --> Prof. Watson Omulokoli
Prof. Watson OmulokoliAdjunct Lecturer
<a href='../community/faculty/i-d-dah'>Dr. Ini Dorcas Dah</a>
Dr. Ini Dorcas DahAdjunct Lectureriddah@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/a-n-o-kwakye'>Rev. Dr. Abraham N. O. Kwakye</a> --> Rev. Dr. Abraham N. O. Kwakye
Rev. Dr. Abraham N. O. KwakyeAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/d-k-ekem'>Very Rev. Prof. David K. Ekem</a> --> Very Rev. Prof. David K. Ekem
Very Rev. Prof. David K. EkemAdjunct Lecturer
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/m-iheanacho'>Dr. Maureen Iheanacho</a>--> Dr. Maureen Iheanacho
Dr. Maureen IheanachoAdjunct Lecturermiheanacho@af.aci.edu.gh
<!-- <a href='../community/faculty/p-mwaura'>Prof. Philomena Mwaura</a> --> Prof. Philomena Mwaura
Prof. Philomena MwauraAdjunct Lecturer
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