Our Objectives

i.  To provide training in mission research methods, recording of local history, contextualization and other relevant subjects for those interested and engaged in situations of mission, evangelism and socio-political and cultural transformation.

ii.  To co-operate with other academic, church and mission institutions, agencies and departments within and outside Ghana, concerned with identifying important missiological issues for study, research and documentation, and training and action in mission.

iii.  To facilitate study and continuing education for ministers and other church personnel, students and researchers in mission-related subjects from both within and outside Ghana.

iv.  To assemble relevant literature, documentation and information for theological reflection on the church’s life and mission, develop library, microform and computer facilities, disseminate ideas and information through audio-visuals, publications and a journal.

v.  To maintain a community life marked by Christian worship and commitment to Christian mission and service.

vi.  To be as much as possible a living laboratory in mission and to partner with other institutions, agencies, centres and committees, both within and outside Ghana, engaged in reflection and action in the church’s mission, through mutual sharing of experiences and resources.