Our Values

In achieving its mission, the Institute will be committed to the following values:

i. Pursuing excellence in both its academic and pastoral activities, as they relate to the twin foci of research and publication of the life and witness of the churches in Ghana and Africa as a whole, as well as mission training and renewal programmes for church workers and Christian professionals.

ii. Remaining faithful to, and expounding within the church, the Reformation and evangelical roots of its founding faith community, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. It affirms the Trinity, the Scriptures as the Word of God, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the sole Redeemer and Lord, the regenerating and sanctifying role of the Holy Spirit in the individual and the church, and His enabling in the Christian witness to society and the world. The Institute is committed to a spiritual view of life, to the spiritual renewal of the church and to socio-political and cultural transformation through the Gospel.

iii. Exhibiting in its internal relationships, mutual caring and concern, appreciation of each other’s varied gifts, and openness to learn from one another in the service of Jesus Christ, the Lord.

iv. Understanding and communicating the growing significance of African Christianity in both its actual and potential impact in socio-political and cultural development within the continent and in African Diaspora settings, and its unique contribution to world Christianity.